Ask An Aspiring Yogin

I don't like to call myself a yogi or yogini.

The Grandfather of Yoga, Krishnamacharya didn't feel ready to call himself one so how could I?

I will instead call myself an aspiring one.

Ask An Aspiring Yogin is a guidance column for people to ask me questions and seek guidance through my blog.

Every Thursday (US) and Friday (AU) I will post a guidance article responding to questions and wonderments about life, relationships, the body or the mind.

Ask me anything! You can be anonymous or give your name and I will publicly respond with a yogic lens on your personal need, question on life or advice on a sticky situation. I will provide yoga resources and philosophy that will support your enquiry!


Whatever you are questioning or wondering everyone can benefit from hearing. And our process together will help us all grow!


You don't have to be alone in your wonderments!

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