• Holli Gipson

100 Celebrations!

Let's focus on celebrating life, receiving through the practice of accumulating celebratory feelings! Tis the season for Celebration! As the one-and-only Prince heeded: "don't hate, celebrate!"

Summer is when we launch deep into the fires of passion, love, and social engagements which lead us into the burning need for self-empowerment and forgiveness. Yoga is a practice to keep us connected to ourselves as we go through this fire!

Last month, I urged my Bija Community to prepare the heart for summer's intensity. We focused on feeling into our heart while grounding into the body and creating strong boundaries for the holidays. This month, we'll move into the throws of CELEBRATION!

Just because the holidays have ended doesn't mean you have to give up the spirit of celebration. You want to carry that essence into the year! Continuing to ride the holiday tailwind, take that celebration inside and deepen the connection to why you're excited to be alive!

Think what you will of the epic celebrity-idol, Oprah Winfrey, there is no denying she has provided significant influence on millions. And, in my opinion, she has an important perspective on celebration: 

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

This follows the tenants of yoga. Where your focus goes your prana flows. If we praise and celebrate then there is more to praise and celebrate! It accumulates!

Feelings in yoga are called chitta. This is the mind's development of specific vibration. One way out of negative feelings (chitta) is by developing positive feelings (chitta). Yes, eventually in yoga the aim is to have NO chitta arise in the mind. But, of course this is very very difficult. So a better first step would be developing and connecting more and more positive chitta like connecting to the frequency of celebratory chitta!

I know it's not always easy. And you will have difficult times. It's important to sit with difficulty, pain or sadness from time-to-time as well. This is another way to release negative chitta--to be with it. So, let me clear: this exercise is not an avoidance practice; it is an accumulation practice. There's a difference.

So let's start accumulating...

What is worth celebrating in your life? Here's a chance for you to make a list!

100 Celebrations of Life List

This free pdf is a bright way to document your celebrations. It will be an epic list of 100 things, people, places, qualities worth celebrating about YOUR LIFE! Here's how it works.

1. Print out the List

2. Keep by Your Bed

3. In the Evening write 3-10 Celebrations of Your Life

(one or two words of people, places, things or qualities)

4. In the morning read them!

5. Repeat!

Depending on your daily output, this will take you between 10 - 30 days to complete. Once you've written 100 Celebrations you've completed the exercise! That simple. Place the finished list anywhere that will help remind you of the process and to celebrate!

Yoga is a technology that can be applied to any religion or atheist belief system. This technology heeds that there are specific responsibilities we have to ourselves called niyamas. I want to end this post on the niyama of samtosha, contentment. We have a responsibility to ourselves to take time everyday to be content with life as it is. If you don't take up that responsibility then you are choosing to neglect your own body and life. This leads to disease in the body and mind. Respond to your life!

Contentment is the quiet hum of celebrating life.

These two are in direct relationship with one another. Through this celebration exercise may we begin to sow the seeds for deep internal contentment!

Please leave comments if you want to share your process and/or connection to the exercise. I'll be doing the same. :)

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